The Dazey Churn Company also produced a "Dazey Ice Cream Freezer". "The Freezers that freeze with motion. " This item is made of glass, with a metal center. These instructions were included with the freezer when it was purchased. When the ingredients have been prepared as per formulas, pour it into jar, being sure that jar and ingredients are perfectly cold. Put dasher rod through cover and screw on plate. Place cover on jar, being sure to see that rubber ring is in position in cover, then work dasher up and down a few times to thoroughly mix ingredients. Place one end of bail in hole in side of jar, put middle of bail in position on plate attached to rod, then slide end of bail down slot in opposite side of jar until hole or notch is engaged. This will tighten cover perfectly. Pack jar in a wooden tub or pail, using four parts ice to one part salt for mousses and parfaits. Be sure ice is finely pounded: the finer, the smoother and quicker it will freeze. Pack plenty around top, bottom and sides of jar: cover pail with blanket or rug. This saves ice and facilities freezing. Coarse salt is cheapest to use and should be mixed with the ice before packing around the jar. By a little experience you will learn time-required freezing with best results. It instructed you to take hold of body of jar, lift from ice, wash jar off under cold water faucet or by immersing in cold water: remove bail across the top, unscrew handle from bottom plate by turning to the left, and dish the ice cream out with a spoon or remove it all at once by pulling the handle.

The instructions gave receipts for Philadelphia Ice Cream, Vanilla Ice Cream, Frozen Custard, Milk Sherbet, Raspberry Sherbet, Orange water Ice, Coffee Parfait and Roman Punch. It also told you how to whip cream, to beat eggs and how to make butter. It also included pictures of the "Dazey" Dairy Thermometer, The metal churn that they stated as a Miniature Creamery, The Glass Churns and also a Comb cleaner which could be purchased for .35cent