Well, they have finally done it.  They are reproducing the One Quart Dazey Churns along with what they are calling a pint and what we are calling a half-pint.   It is really disheartening when you find that someone has paid 900.00 or more for a reproduction one quart.  I guess it is business but people should be told that they are reproduction. Check out the churn mechanism on the quart. Does it have the number 10 on the center post, 20G on the gear, 10H on the handle?  Does the jar have one quart on it?  Is the statement "Made In USA" smudged? The wooden handle on the top of the reproduction one quart will be real small, attached with a threaded rivet. The rivet is screwed in instead of hammered in, the shaft that runs the paddles is smaller than the original. The inside of the neck is wavy  and too thick.  If you try to fit an authentic old one quart set of paddles on the reproduction jar, they will not go.  The wooden paddles on the old top would have to be altered to fit in the reproduction jar. The wooden paddles are made of some other wood which has too much grain.  The original paddles were made of maple.

old                                                new

Reproduction Pint and 1/2 Pint Churns

As per information in our files, the Dazey     Company gave a churn from their stock to use for display purposes.  In a letter we have found, they had to discontinue the practice because they were not getting them back!

Reproduction 4 quart jar

 The statement "Made In USA" is missing from the label. The writing is not as pronounced as in the old jars.  The top edge appears to have been cut off not molded as with the old jars. So buyer beware.  They are selling in the 49.00 range