This comparison of the one quart Dazey Churns shows the shape of the jar, the shape of the top.  To our knowledge, all one quart Dazey's have unmarked tops.  Unmarked meaning that it does not have the Dazey name imprinted on it.  The gear will be marked with a 20G, the handle with a 10H.  There is the number 10 imprinted on the center post.

The one to the far right is what we call the beveled edge Dazey Churn.  The lid shows the indentation at the top of the threads.  The label on this jar is in a horseshoe shape or half moon.  The holes in the gear are round.  These churns were made from 1906 to 1912.

The height of beveled edge and the round label, pictured in the center, are the same.  The jar is marked with a round Dazey logo and also may be further marked with the statement, made in America. There is no indentation at the top of the threads.  The gears in the top will have diamond shaped holes but will have the above stated markings, 10H, 20G and the No 10.
 These churns were made from 1912 to 1922.

The churn to the far left is the hard to find patented dated style Dazey Churn.  The top has less threads but will contain the same markings as above. The jar will be marked in the patented dated style except for the absence of the patented February 14, 1922 date.  The jar will be marked front and back.  It will also have a flower embossed on the very bottom of the jar with the Dazey name in the center.  These churns are extremely hard to find with approximately only 20 know to us.

All of the tops will interchange but the beveled edge top will not screw clear down on the round label, the patented dated style will not screw clear down on the other two.  I am sure you get the drift.