THE FIND OF OUR LIFE. Take a L@@K!!!!!!!!!!!!!

With one phone call, someone has made a Dazey collector very happy. Recently, We were allowed to purchase 20, one quart round label dazey jars. They were in a wooden crate marked on the front, "12 One Quart Dazey jars". On the side it was marked Carlin & Fulton Company, Baltimore, Md. On the top of the twelve jars was cardboard marked with the Carlin & Fulton addresses. They were each wrapped in an individual cardboard container. There must have been two cases at one time. We were told that an old gentleman at purchased these an auction years ago. When we cleaned up the jars, they were covered with soot. We found some of the old packing in the bottom and assumed that they would add a layer over the top. Now, we need a phone call with a case of tops or any dazey tops and we would be in business. Take a look at these beauties.