Because of technology, I had to obtain a new address for my site. 
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A new site for Consolidated Freightways/CF Truck Line Reunion has been established. 
Click here to visit. 

I am looking for people that worked for Consolidated Freightways.  Also  looking for memorbilia associted with  truck lines, patches, pins and etc.
 Please contact me.  Butch Allen (Road Hog)




If you would like to link to this site displaying your collections, let me know.  I would love to have you.



I am sure you are all aware of the drop of  value of antiques. 
On my web pages you will see that we had added a good faith estimate as to value.
Please check out your local markets, Ebay and other sources when estimating what an antique might be worth. 
Let's  hope that a turn around in the markets is forth coming. 

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I have lots of information to add.  I will be updating soon.  Take a look!!!
We have parts for sale.  You may use paypal to pay us,  You will find the information at the bottom of page one. 
Page 1 Instructions for measuring your Dazey Churns   Shop for parts and information
Page 2 Short history of the Dazey Churn Company
Page 3 The Find Of Our Lives
Page 4 Beveled Edge Dazey Churn
Page 5 Rare Beveled Edge Style Dazey Churn
Page 6 Round Label  Dazey Churn
Page 7 Raised Screen Dazey Churn
Page 8 Transition #40 Dazey Butter Churn
Page 9 Patented Dated Dazey Butter Churn
Page 10 British Dazey Butter Churn
Page 11 Electric  Dazey Butter Churns
Page 12 Red Top Dazey Churns
Page 13 Metal Dazey Churns
Page 14 Dazey Ice Cream Freezer
Page 15 Reproduction Dazey Butter Churns
Page 16 Other Dazey Items
Page 17 Dazey One Quart Churn Comparison
Page 18 Dazey Butter Churn Holder
Page 19 Dazey Price Churn 
Page 20 Taylor Bros., Reliable, 
Page 21 Dandy
Page 22 Butterfly Butter Churn
Page 23 Kilner, No Name, Blow Churns
Page 24 English, Stomper, Unusual Action Churns
Page 25 German Churn Butter Churns
Page 26 Presto Churn
Page 27  L O Cartwright Advertisement.
Page 28 Universal Butter Churn Landers Frary & Clark
Page 29 Schmidt
Page 30 Superior      Sanitary  Churns
Page 31 Blue Granite ware Butter Churn - Navy Blue Granite ware
Page 32 Monarch
Page 33 "A new domestic motor. Are you a Feminist? Check out this churn advertisement dated 1873 "
Page 34 Gem Dandy Ad
Page 35 Butter Churn Made In Portis Kansas. 
Page 36 Lighting Butter Churns  Gunn Churn Thomas Churn
Page 37 Household Specialties  The Instant Churn
Page 38 Various types of Wooden Butter Churns
Page 39
Page 40 Water Powered  World Beater
Page 41 Pulsar Wooden Churn History
Page 42 Buttercup Churns
Page 43 Huge Wooden Butter  Churn Mounted On A Wagon
Page 44 Rolway  Butter Churn
Page 45  An Interesting Article on Butter
Page 46 My New Treasurer Childs or Salesman Sample
Page 47 Unusual Metal Dazey Butter Churn
Page 48 M. Brown Wooden Butter Churn Company
Page 49 Prince Butter Cutter
Page 50 Harry's Churns
Page 51 Dayton Churn Power
Page 52 The Squeezer Churn and Butter Worker
Page 53 Elgin  -  Standard Churns
Page 54 Vermont Farm Machinery    "Davis Swing Churn"
Page 55 Instructions for making butter.

  Suggestions or question, please contact us at
butchnd@aol.com or butchnd@ponyexpress.net
Butch and Dea Allen
1605 Oscar, St Joseph, Mo 64505-1228
816.279.1495 or 816.387.3349

Check out Golden Gallery Site
by clicking here. 
Thanks to Pat Murphy.

Doug & Linda's Dairy Antique Site
Butter Churns, Milk Bottles &
Cream Separators
Check out this very interesting site.

Walton Feed  
Butter Churn information.

Check out this interesting site,  thanks  Jim

Please check out the new site for Dennis Moore

Wendell and Donna Stream's very informative site.  Check it out.
Thanks  Wendell and Donna

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